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how to appear on the first page of google

How to appear on the first page of Google: Myths and Truths

The million dollar question: How do I get my business to appear on the first page of Google? Understanding how the search engine used by 90% of Brazilians in internet searches can seem like a utopia to many. With that in mind, we have prepared this text to demystify this issue! Here we go? Good reading!

Before starting, it is important to highlight some points that Google considers for your site to appear on the first page. Most of these actions are based on strategies for SEO, which is the name given to search engine optimization. Therefore, improving this technique helps to gradually position your page on the search engine. To learn more about it, click here.

When we search for a term on Google, results of two types are shown: organic and ads - the sponsored links. SEO favors both types of results, but speaking specifically of organic search, the relevance selections follow some criteria, such as:

  • Interaction with the corresponding content;
  • Website speed;
  • Related terms.

Google considers a page, or website, relevant when it has a consolidated optimization technique (SEO). About 75% of people don't make it past the first page of Google. Generally, the link that appears in the first position is the most complete in terms of information. And that is exactly why there is no need to continue the search.

This was a short summary of how Google's complex algorithm works. Now, we bring myths and truths about the research network:

You only appear on the first page of Google if you invest in an ad: Myth

Making a website appear on the first page of Google is really not a job that can be done overnight, as it depends on certain important factors. But these factors are not directly related to advertisements. What is essential: attractive and relevant content, with SEO optimization.

I can appear on the first page of Google with blog posts or relevant content within my site: Truth

The main criterion for indexing on Google is a text, which will be classified according to the users' interest in the link. Answering the main question that led the Internet user to click on your content, in addition to adding value to the material, can put your site on the first page of Google.

To be relevant on Google, my company needs to act nationally: Myth

The Google algorithm is configured to show searches by geographic targeting. Therefore, it shows as a search result the business that operates in the city in which the user is looking. This means that companies that do not serve nationwide have a high chance of appearing in surveys.

Having an optimized page helps put my site first in Google: Truth

Having a website with a fast page load, SEO-optimized, responsive and compatible with all browsers helps to improve search positioning and place content as relevant on the first page of Google.

Negative reviews about my offered service can appear on the first page of Google: Truth

When looking for references about a company, negative comments and complaints also appear on the first page of Google, which reduces the chance of the service offered on your site being converted into a sale. So, pay attention to all the negative comments that are being conveyed about the business and try to resolve it quickly! 

Advertising on Google Ads requires no improvement: Myth

Taking risks in Google Ads, without knowing the tool, it can undermine your chances of appearing on the first page of Google. It is highly advisable that you learn the details of the tool, avoiding targeting errors, keywords, bids and other aspects of marketing. In this case, looking for a professional may be the best option.

So, here's an extra tip: If you are looking for a team specialized in ads management Contact us by clicking here. We are a Marketing and Technology Agency, focused on results! After all, who better to help your business grow on Google, than a Google Partner Agency?

Now, let's answer once and for all: how to appear on the first page of Google? 


Define your keywords 

The first step is to define the keywords that represent your business. So understanding your audience's research habits has a direct impact on this definition.

Defining the right keywords for your business not only brings traffic to the page, but also optimizes the conversion rate, since the person who finds your site, will in fact be looking for the subject you present and your site will be really relevant to her research.

Respond to what your audience searches: bring relevant content

Focus on quality texts, that really have relevance on the chosen subject, with good keyword insertions, complete and explanatory content.

In addition to text, images and videos, they enrich your page. This helps your site to have greater credibility, as well as being a criterion of Google's algorithm to position the site in the best positions.

Link Building

Link building is one of the main SEO strategies. By building a network of links to your site, you show the search engine that it is a reference and that it deserves to be in the top positions of Google. Importantly, you can follow this up Google Search Console.

Bounce Rate

Few know, but the Bounce Rate is an important factor so that Google's algorithms can see your site with “good eyes”. Think that, if your site has an average of 10 seconds per access, Google will think: “how am I going to consider that someone finds on this site what they are looking for, if after 10 seconds on the site, the user leaves?”. So it is very important to generate content on the site, it helps the user to spend more time and improve this metric. You can follow this on Google Analytics.


The URL is one of the facts that can interfere with the relevance of your page on Google. Apply the keyword to the link you are advertising, Google, you can understand that your content has to do with that subject

Meta Description  

The meta description can be decisive in the user's decision to open your website, because that 150-character summary that goes right under your title, will be the first letter of introduction to your subject.

There are three lines, which will tell you why your content matters or not. So take the time to create this condensate of your website information.

Did you like to know how to appear on the first page of Google? Follow the our blog for more content and tips like these!

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