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After all, what is Clubhouse? The social network of audios that became a fever!

If you've accessed any social network in the past few days, you've probably heard of Clubhouse, Is not it? The new application has been causing an uproar and arousing the curiosity of Brazilians. And no less! The aura of exclusivity and the presence of great world figures has collaborated to transform the Clubhouse into the biggest news of the moment.

But, after all, what is the Clubhouse? Check out the article AGX and learn all about the new social network.

Understand what the Clubhouse is and know its features

If you came across the news and thought “Another social network? Do I really need this? ”, Know that the Clubhouse has a completely different proposal from the other competitors.

First of all, we can define the Clubhouse as a kind of live podcast. Users can access rooms on any topic and follow the discussions as listeners. Or, if you prefer, you can actively participate by chatting with other participants.

When you register with the application, you can choose your username and the subjects you are interested in. Later, they will be presented to you as room suggestions. The Clubhouse has a timeline with the rooms that are happening live and allows you to find conversations scheduled to happen at other times.

The chat rooms are themed and can be filtered according to the preferences of each user, thus allowing a personalized experience.

To interact as speakers, users need to ask the room moderator for authorization, similar to meeting applications like Zoom, using the “Raise your hand” button. In this way it is possible to organize the discussions and allow all interested parties to participate.

The biggest difference of the application is that everything happens by voice. There is no possibility of text communication, and there are no likes or shares.

Depending on the type of room, the contents are open, that is, any user who enters can hear what is being said and give their opinion. However, it is also possible to create private rooms to interact only with friends and acquaintances.

Therefore, there are three options for configuring the rooms: the public ones, where anyone can participate; social ones, where only authorized persons enter; and private ones, where only invited by the moderator can have access.

Interaction with great personalities

However, what has generated a frenzy about the new social network is the presence and the possibility of interacting with great personalities, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, for example. 

Both have joined chat rooms in the app and have already declared themselves to be users of the functionality. In other words, you can "exchange an idea" with celebrities, names of reference in your area of ​​activity and anonymous people, in one place. 


Exclusivity Trigger

The Clubhouse has yet another factor that piques everyone's curiosity - and will: exclusivity. So far, only guests can join the network. Each new user receives only two invitations to distribute among friends, making the application an extremely exclusive place.

It is important to note that you are responsible for who you refer. Your profile is linked to the profile of the people you invited, and the connection is public for everyone to see. Thus, if your guest has behavior that violates the terms of use of the platform, both he and you, for having indicated you, can be banned.

In addition, so far, only iOS users have access to the application.

The Clubhouse in numbers: possible future of the chain

Despite being gaining space in Brazil only now, the application has been in existence since April 2020 and already has about 6 million users. In addition, it is valued at about $ 1 billion.

So, what can we expect from the future of the social network? It is too early to say whether it will become the world's newest fever, however, the creators, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, former Google employees, have big plans for it.

In an interview with the CNBC website, on February 1, the social network's CEO, Paul Davison, explained that they are looking for ways to monetize the platform. Is the Clubhouse a new path for content creators?

According to Paul, users will be able to earn money through a system similar to crowdfunding, and the creator of the room will be able to receive the value directly from the audience that accompanies it.

“We want to allow them [content creator users] can earn a living directly with the Clubhouse through subscriptions, ticket events and receiving tips from listeners who will be happy to be able to pay them directly for the experiences they are creating ”, Paul reported to CNBC.

So far, the platform does not charge users for content and has no advertisements.

What is done in the Clubhouse, stays in the Clubhouse!

The platform does not allow the recording or storage of conversations. In this way, nothing that is said in the rooms can be consulted or heard again. If you try to record your phone's screen to store discussions, the app will show a message alerting you that this violates the platform's principles. That is, trying to record conversations can result in a ban.

However, this policy has been questioned by other social networks and considered controversial, given that, if acts of racism, homophobia, among others, happen in the conversations, it is not possible to consult any record to punish those responsible.

Follow us at the Clubhouse

We have also entered the Clubhouse, so if you do, be sure to follow us on @agxww. We will love to participate and exchange ideas about everything. If you do not have an invitation yet, contact us through Whatsapp on the right side of the screen, and we will be happy to invite you.

agx clubhouse


So, now that you know the platform better, what did you think of the app idea? Will you enter when you receive an invitation? Tell us in the comments!

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